Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introduction of supplying Korean wholesale products

* Do you want to find reliable Korean wholesale products?

We supply lots of Korean wholesale prodcuts such as accessories, bags, woman's clothes, children's clothes, etc. We will keep sourcing lots of Korean wholesale products and update the information for buyers.

* Wholesale products available

K-pop fashion accessories, Korean fashion accessories, Women's clothing, Children's clothing, Handbags, Sunglass, etc. Let's see the wholesale products >

※ If you need any other wholesale products, feel free to conact us. We can source all kinds of wholesale products and supply you.

* How to calculate US dollar from Korean won on the wholesale websites

We follow the below formula to change from Korean Won on the wholesale websites to USD

* USD retail price = Korean Won retail price / 850

[For example]

the above product's retail price on the webpage is 7,000 Won,

Then, USD retail price is USD8.24 (7,000/850)

If the discount rate is 25%, the wholesale price is USD6.18 (5.29x0.75)

* How to order

1. Download the order sheet.

- If you want to download the order sheet, please check the below files.

2. Make your order list.

- Full name, address, phone number, email address.

- Item's web page url, color, style(size), quantity, etc.

3. Send it to our email.

- Email address :

4. We make the quotation and send it to your email.

5. You check the quotation

* How to pay

We use Paypal( for the payment method. It is very secure and popular for online transaction. You have to pay twice. Firstly, you have to pay only for the product price and secondly, you have to pay for the delivery fee.

Our paypal account :

1. First payment

We send you the quotation only including just product wholesale price. So, if the quotation is all correct, you pay for it.

2. Second payment

When all items you ordered is arrived in our office, we weigh the package and let you know the delivery fee. And you pay for it.

* How to deliver

We use EMS for delivering your package. It is very secure and much cheaper than others such as DHL, FEDEX, etc. After shippment, we let you know the EMS code to trace your package on the EMS tracking website.

EMS delivery fee

If you want to check the EMS delivery fee, please click the below excel file.

EMS fee.xls

EMS tracking website

If you want to trace your package on the EMS tracking website, please click the below link.

Go to EMS tracking website >

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